Blue Ridge Mountain Life Friends

blue ridge mountain life

One of my favorite places to visit is The Blue Ridge Mountains. Through my SBT Facebook page, I have had the honor of getting to know the folks who run Blue Ridge Mountain Life. I truly can’t say enough good things about Larry & Jenn. Larry is pretty amazing with all the technicalities of running […]

The Dike Country Store

Dike Store in Dike, Texas

I am excited to tell everyone that I was contacted by the Editor of The Hudspeth County Herald about featuring my photo of The Dike Country Store, in Dike, Texas. The newspaper is a weekly publish in Hudspeth County, Texas. The far western  part of the state. They’re running a column by Tumbleweed Smith this week about the […]

How To Fix Split Veneer

how to fix split veneer

I bought this cute dresser for $25. Funny story…a lady got there before me and, actually got angry with the seller because, it wasn’t in perfect condition! Well, she was close enough to perfect, for me! Split Veneer: Don’t let a little split veneer on the side dispel you. It’s a quick, easy fix. I know […]

Millard’s Crossing

19tyh Century East Texas Office.

Millard’s Crossing is a Historical Village with beautifully,  reconstructed historic homes. Established by the late Lera Millard Thomas, the village is a collection of charming Victorian Cottages and Cabins. Also included is a one room school house, a Log  Office, General Store, an Old Farmhouse and a Wood Workers Shop. All of the homes and such […]

10 Beautiful Historical Cabins


I’m not sure why I love old, beautiful historical cabins so much. Maybe it’s the History? Knowing that, at one time, this was someone’s dream home?  That, this was enough to keep a family together? I’m really not sure but, I love every single thing about them. All of the above, as well as the beauty of […]

10 Enchanting Farmhouses


I love old farmhouses as much as I love cabins. I would love to visit any of these or, live in one. There is something about an old, “sun baked” home that makes us feel welcome. As if we’ve been here before. Maybe we have? Maybe it was our Grandparent’s home or, our Parent’s? Somewhere […]