10 Beautiful Historical Cabins

I’m not sure why I love old, beautiful historical cabins so much. Maybe it’s the History? Knowing that, at one time, this was someone’s dream home?  That, this was enough to keep a family together? I’m really not sure but, I love every single thing about them. All of the above, as well as the beauty of the old wood, the labor put into it to make it a home and the thought of it being filled with laughter at the end of a hard days work. A family gathered at the table to talk about their day. Then, crawling under tattered quilts by a warm fire for a nights rest.

As most of you know, my husband & I are building a cabin too.  A lot of the wood we have used has been old or just repurposed and just a little FYI. I have found that

Howard’s Feed and Wax Wood Polish is great to use to keep old AND new wood conditioned and in great shape. I also love their Restore-A-Finish to get scratches out & give it a beautiful luster again. They did NOT pay me to say this. I personally use these products.

Back on track now, here are some of my favorite Beautiful  Historical Cabins. I hope you enjoy them.

Have a beautiful day and thank you for stopping by ~ Dawn

Carson Cabin (c.1860)

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Located at the Big Ivy Historical Park in Barnardsville, NC. http://flickr.com/photos/melystu/


  1. Denise Anderson Harclerode says

    Thanks for posting the pictures of those beautiful cabins…I love the old kitchen of the Crane cabin! When I was a kid, I stayed sometimes at a rock cabin in The Hill Country. If you dug under the windows, you could find arrowheads…

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