Coffee Filter Wreath

It resembles a Hydrangea...

I saw several tutorials for Coffee Filter Wreaths on Pinterest and decided I would try one during the Christmas Holidays. Well, now that the Holidays are over, I miss my wreath!! So, I decided to make one for Spring. YES, I am already thinking SPRING!! I am OVER this cold/dreary/wet weather! So, I gathered my supplies […]

10 Enchanting Farmhouses


I love old farmhouses as much as I love cabins. I would love to visit any of these or, live in one. There is something about an old, “sun baked” home that makes us feel welcome. As if we’ve been here before. Maybe we have? Maybe it was our Grandparent’s home or, our Parent’s? Somewhere […]

Decoupage Plates

P.S. That's my Candlestick Christmas Tree in the pix, also lol. I just finished it & will do a post soon.

A friend and fellow painter recently made some beautiful, decoupage plates for Christmas. I fell in love and she sent me a tutorial. You see…I am new to the decoupage world and am slowly falling in love with these projects. This lady is Barbara Boyles of Painted Lady by Barbara Boyles It all started with […]

DIY Chair Swing

Just a swingin....sorry, I HAD to lol!

If you happen to have some broken chairs lying around, DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY!!! Make a chair swing with them!! Now, in my own humble opinion, the chairs do not have to match. Actually, it would give it more character to your chair swing if they didn’t. You could use 2×4’s or 4×4’s to […]