How To Fix Split Veneer

how to fix split veneer

I bought this cute dresser for $25. Funny story…a lady got there before me and, actually got angry with the seller because, it wasn’t in perfect condition! Well, she was close enough to perfect, for me! Split Veneer: Don’t let a little split veneer on the side dispel you. It’s a quick, easy fix. I know […]

Dresser Revamp With Wood Icing

Old Town Paints/French Blue & Wood Icing Stencil

I got lucky and got two dressers for $40!! Now, they were a mess but, I saw potential in those good bones and, I had a new product I was dying to try. It’s Wood Icing. It’s a texture paste and, allows you to create raised stencils, adding a decorative finish to a plain piece. […]

DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Island

I finally settled on an island!! I have tried everything from a real island to, repurposed dressers. I just wasn’t happy with them and rarely used them. I wanted something more functional. Something that I could really work on, when I cook. So, we decided to DIY it. “We” meaning, The Mister doing the hammering. Yes, […]

Painted Furniture by SBT

dark teal

  This is a collection of the pieces I have painted/repurposed. I will update it periodically as I do more. Please, feel free to comment and give me your opinion. That will help me learn and grow. These are some of the benches we’ve made by repurposing headboards but, the bottom ones, on the right, are made from […]