Fall/Winter Cabin Favorites

As many of you know, I am a bit of a cabin fanatic. We’re currently building our own (slowly but surely lol) and, I’m always seeking out inspiration. Along the way, I have found MANY that I have fallen in love with. Here are some of my absolute favorites.
Now, I couldn’t start this post without adding my own banner cabin. I have wrote before that it is near my in-laws, in Sulphur Springs, Texas and, I am fascinated with it. Nobody lives in it but, the owners will not sell. Ho hum…maybe someday.
Without further ado, here is my list.

My Banner Cabin

My Banner Cabin

I found this next cabin on Flicker and it’s nestled in the snowy woods. There was no location given. Aren’t the red rockers such an added bonus, with the snow? I wonder what’s cooking inside?
Snowy Cabin
I may love this one a little too much lol! It’s located in Cove Fort, Utah. I found this one on Pixdaus . It’s beautiful in every Season.
Gorgeous, right?
This one is in Lisbon, N.H. and also found on Flicker
Libson. NH
Next, we have a vacation rental called, Cabin at the Crossroads . I could sure find peace & quiet here. Just take a stack of books and plenty of coffee and, I’ll see you in a week, or two…..or three lol.
Cabin at the Crossroads
I think this would be a beautiful place to visit during Christmas. It’s more of a farmhouse, than a cabin but, I love them the same. I can’t find any information on it. It was pinned on Pinterest, with no link. I think it’s absolutely beautiful!
Christmas Farmhouse
Last, but not least, I would love to have my family gathered in this cabin for the Holidays. I can imagine it full of our laughter, making hot chocolate & my Grandson (Xander) showing me his latest build or, what he wants to construct with me. That IS what the Holidays are for, after all. Family….maybe that is why I have such a love for cabins. I know times were hard when a lot of those old cabins were built. I know the whole family worked sun up to sun down but, that made them appreciate what they had. They were a family who worked together as one and respected each other as one. That doesn’t mean everything was perfect, it simply means they put value on each other and worked through the hard times.
Anywho, back to where I would love us to be gathered. It’s called Ruckman Mill Farm and, I just adore it.
Ruckman Mill Farm
Can you smell the fresh bread & the scent of hot cocoa wafting through the air? I know I can.
I hope y’all enjoyed some of my favorites. I have waaaaaaaaaay to many to list but, just wanted you to enjoy a few. I wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season. I pray that all of you have family or friends to gather with, and enjoy.
God Bless ~ Dawn

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