Sulphur Springs, Texas

Nacogdoches, Texas

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!!! Today ended Spring Break, for us. Our break was spent in Sulphur Springs, Texas, due to an accident with my Mom-in-Law. She’s going to be on bed rest all Summer. She is NOT a happy camper!! Gardening is her favorite thing and this has really got her down. So, we’ll […]

DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Island

I finally settled on an island!! I have tried everything from a real island to, repurposed dressers. I just wasn’t happy with them and rarely used them. I wanted something more functional. Something that I could really work on, when I cook. So, we decided to DIY it. “We” meaning, The Mister doing the hammering. Yes, […]

Painted Furniture by SBT

dark teal

  This is a collection of the pieces I have painted/repurposed. I will update it periodically as I do more. Please, feel free to comment and give me your opinion. That will help me learn and grow. These are some of the benches we’ve made by repurposing headboards but, the bottom ones, on the right, are made from […]

Dresser Rescue

Dresser Makeover

I got this dresser from my favorite resale shop, A Furniture Fetish, which is in Lufkin, Texas. It’s actually a sturdy, nice dresser but, it had some normal life wear & tear to it so, I breathed some life back into it. Before As you can see, I was working inside my unfinished cabin. Hey, a girls gotta make moola to […]