Repurposed Dresser Mirror

As y’all know by now, I LOVE repurposing things. I bought a dresser some time ago and the mirror on it was broken. So, after looking at it a while, I decided what I was going to do.

I just so happen to have a window I needed to frame. Actually, I had two windows I needed to frame. I chose my kitchen window first but, I usually have flowers in the window and there is a window box on the outside of it so, I figured that was enough for that window and I opted for plain trim and chose to move the dresser mirror frame to my laundry room. Did I mention I just painted my laundry room AGAIN!!! I have had THE hardest time finding the color I wanted but, I FINALLY did. It’s Valspar and the name eludes me right now (imagine that) but, if I can find my color card, I will update this. It’s in the teal family, I can tell you that.
I chose to paint the dresser mirror frame white and it looks so pretty against the wall color.
Keep in mind when you look at these photos, I am NOT a fancy girl & my home is no magazine. I was going to be kind enough to move my rusty storage basket but, I forgot so, you get the mess and all lol.
This is the dresser mirror when I got it.


Before Photo

Before Photo
Here it is, in the laundry room, after I painted and lightly glazed it using Old Town Paints.

Old Mirror Frame to Frame Window

Old Mirror Frame to Frame Window

I love the details on the frame.

Closer View

Closer View


By the way, that's some great Tide & inexpensive lol!!

By the way, that’s some great Tide & inexpensive lol!!

If you wanna try this, all you need is an old mirror, with a frame large enough to fit your window, a paint brush, I love Purdy Paint Brushes best. Paint. glaze and sealer of any kind but, I used Old Town Paints. This fram was a bit long so I used a small Skil Circular Saw, which is good fo small projects. I used Elmers Wood Glue, to glue the bottom half back to the fram, where I trimmed it & filled in the cracks with Elmer’s Wood Filler and lightly sanded, before I panted it.
I hope this inspires you to repurpose something in your own home.
Happy Crafting ~ Dawn


    • says

      Thank you. Actually, I bought Valspar’s Gypsy Teal for my guest bedroom & had about a half gallon left when I was done. So, I just added white to lighten it & voila’…my own paint color :)

  1. Tonya Marcum says

    I would like for you to know that you are very talented and I love seeing all the things that you remake and do. I truly enjoy your site all the way around. It’s part of my day Everyday. Thank You for everything your site does for my mood bc they can make me feel better when I’m in a funk and they take me away in my mind to a Heaven on Earth . Thank You

  2. says

    Thank You for Sharing Your Repurposed Project, and Your Window Fram Looks Fabulous !!! It Surely Makes Doing Laundry More Pleasant !!! Everyone is not as fortunate to have an inside Laundry room…like myself for mine is in the garage…which I wish it was not…but it is what it is; however, every space can be improved with a little personal creative changes, and your website does just that…Gives me more confidence that I, too, can make my spaces in my home more inviting too !!!

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