Repurposed Wood Stove to Planter and Porch Table

As bad as this Winter has been, I know I’m ready for Spring!! How about  y’all??

I love to find “junk” that we can incorporate into our flowerbeds or use for yard art. We got lucky when our neighbors were going to throw two old wood burning stoves away. WHAT!!!??? Thank goodness the Mister was around and was kind enough to carry them away, for them. (He’s a keeper)

This is how they looked when we got them!! I know these aren’t the best photos but, I had my cell phone on me at the time and, this was all I got of the before. someday I may have a big girl camera lol.


I went to work by using a wire scrub brush to clean the rust from them and then, broke out the paint. I used good old Valspar oops paint, in black, on one and pink/grey on the other.

Here is how they look afterward.


The black one is stenciled with, Home…Where Love Begins and will serve as our coffee table on the porch. (Having a place to set your sweet tea is a must!!)

The pink one is a planter and will set on the patio, filled with flowers. That plant was just a temporary thing so I could get a visual.

So, if you see any old wood burners being tossed, grab them & make you a pretty porch planter, coffee table, foot stool or, anything your heart desires.

Now, C’mon SPRING!!!! I’m ready to put these to use.

Thank You for Visiting and Happy DIY’ing ~ Dawn


  1. Joyce Aldred says

    Dawn: I normally like he distressed look but what you have done is truly amazing. I like the barn doors also.

    Havelock, NC

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