Wax Paper Graphic Transfer

Ok  y’all….I FINALLY did it!! My first transfer & I may become addicted!!

A few months ago I had Dennis, from Cripple Creek Woodworks    make me a wood coffee pot sign. It’s been on my to-do list & I finally got to it.

 I decided I wanted to attempt a wax paper graphic transfer. First, I had to paint it. I used Old Town Paints Chalk Paint. Chocolate Brown as a base coat & Cottage White as a top coat.


How it looked in the beginning.


With the base coat.

Then I applied the top coat and went to  The Graphics Fairy  (Who is absolutely wonderful) to choose my free graphic, for the wax paper graphic transfer, and print it. If the graphic isn’t already flipped backward, just save it to your computer pictures and you can use Paint on your computer. Most have it. Just go to your Start Icon (Bottom Left), type in Paint. click the word paint & when it opens, go to the top left corner & click. You will have the option to open a photo from your computer. Just open the graphic you saved and, once your graphic is in view, use the rotate option & flip it backwards. That way, when you transfer it, it’ll be correct. Kind of like the mirror effect.

Now, back to printing…this was a bit tricky though, as my wax paper shredded in my printer. I won’t publish my choice words when that happened and my hand got stuck getting it out!!. Maybe because I used cheap wax paper but, I ultimately added a small piece of tape, to all four corners and, on each side and attached my wax paper to the printer paper so it would run through the printer smoothly. Be sure to put the WAX SIDE UP because, that is the side you need to print on, in order for it to transfer.


After I got my graphic all set up & my coffee pot was finished drying from paint, it was time to do my wax paper graphic transfer. I used a damp cloth to wipe over the area of the wood coffee pot, where I would be placing the graphic. Also,  VERY CAREFULLY, I removed my wax paper from the printer paper. It’s MUCH easier to do if you can see through the wax paper when transferring the graphic. Then, lay the wax paper on the dampened area, where you wiped with a damp rag. The dampness is what draws the ink from the wax paper. While holding the graphic in place, gently rub over it and you can watch it transfer. Then, just peel your wax paper off.

Then, voila’! This is my end result! A wax paper graphic transfer success!!

Coffee Pot Sign with Graphic Transfer

Coffee Pot Sign with Graphic Transfer

I also distressed so the Chocolate Base Coat would peek through.


One more thing. Let the graphic dry overnight before you apply any type of protective top coat. It WILL smear if it isn’t dry when you do so. I used Old Town Paints clear satin top coat.


So, if you haven’t tried a transfer yet, you MUST go try it!! You will love it!!

Thank You for Visiting & Happy Crafting ~ Dawn


  1. says

    Absolutely crazy about your coffee pot, painting and transfer. Wonder job with the wood, your colors were a good choice and the transfer and the way you finished everything was wonderful. Not a computer geek, but basically know how to transfer so that helps. But great project. Thanks!

  2. Denise says

    This is wonderful! I love it Dawn. And seemingly so (relatively!) Easy!

    Beautiful blog!

    Denise S. (Cavaco) Wells- FaceBook

    • says

      Thank you & to be honest, I sprayed it with water & I blotted it with a towel. I used my fingers to rub it off. But, I found it needs to be dampened…then towel dried a bit & it’s much easier to rub it off of there.

  3. says

    I absolutely love this! Wonderful job. I am a decorative painter and see where this application would be another way to enhance a painting. I think I missed something…after you run the wax paper through the printer do you let it dry? Do you turn it upside down on the surface so the ink will come off and then lift the wax paper or do you wet the back of the paper and begin to rub it off? I have never done this but it would be so pretty to have the words and then embellish around or even over it with a painting. Thank you so much and I am enjoying your blog.

    • says

      Hi…I dampened the coffee pot & then applied the wax paper. Just gently rub the back & you will see it transfer. Then, VERY carefully pull the wax paper off. I did some updating to the post too so, that may help. Ley me know if I can help in any other way :)

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