White Washed Walls

When we envisioned our cabin, we imagined warm, cozy, rustic and full of charm. We wanted to make it look and feel as though it had been around forever. I’ve painted & distressed the interior trim to make it white and chippy. So far, we love it.
Recently, I decided to white wash our interior walls. After five years, I felt as if they may close in on me from the dark stain. That they may completely trap me in a time capsule lol. I needed  lighter and I needed it NOW! So, I decided to try Minwax White Wash Pickling Stain.  NO, they did NOT supply OR pay for this post. Although, in retrospect, maybe I should’ve conveyed that idea to them. What I loved most about this product is it’s water based and low odor. Great for indoor work and this can goes a looooooong way. I highly recommend it. Our kitchen/dining/living rm/ office is one huge open space and I did all but one wall, with 1 can. About a 16×16 space.

Pretty amazing stuff!

Pretty amazing stuff!

Just to give you an idea of  how dark the wood was, here is a before…

Dark Walnut Stain

Dark Walnut Stain

I was wanting a barn wood effect. I have used watered down paint to do a wash. As a matter of fact, we built a broom closet from plywood and I used gray and white wash to get a similar effect. For that I used Paint Couture’s Angelic White and, mixed some of that with their Baltic Black, to achieve this look. I brushed on and  wiped off until it looked the way I wanted.
I ended up with this color…this one is the Minwax. I only used the paint on my closet doors. Photo below.

I am pretty happy wit the results.

I am pretty happy with the results.

I am excited to finish ths kitchen & add some pretty colors. This Cow is 1 of 2 &  was painted by one of my fans. I this she did an amazing job.

I am excited to finish ths kitchen & add some pretty colors. This Cow is 1 of 2 and was painted by one of my fans. I think she did an amazing job.

We are working on the barn door, kitchen cabinet doors. I am pretty excited about those too!

New cabinet doors & white washed wall.

New cabinet doors & white washed wall.

I am leaning towards a green wash on the doors. The color of this hydrangea, or a little lighter.

I am leaning towards a green wash or stain on the doors. The color of this hydrangea, or a little lighter.

Next is the broom/paint closet. The walls are washed but, as I said before, I used  Paint Couture Paint (TM) paints on them.

Notice the doors against the rest of the wood.

White Washed, plywood  broom closet. Notice the doors are a tad lighter?

I think they turned out great. They’re a little lighter but, with them being the doors, I’m happy about the slight difference.
The finished room will be coming soon. Well, soon enough, anyway lol! I hope you’ve been inspired to make the change you want. Trust me when I say I was scared to death when I started white washing walls. I just KNEW I was going to make ruin these walls!!! But, I am loving the difference. Especially in lighting. My room is MUCH brighter & the white wash created a faux barn wood effect.
Let me know what you think in the comments.

Have a blessed day ~ Dawn

P.S. My camera is broke at the time so I am using my cell, making the photos less than perfect but, perfect is overrated. 😉


  1. Madonna Ferguson says

    I love the end color! How clever to choose lighter versus BRIGHT WHITE. While I do love the many photos of all white kitchens, it is difficult to get a “cozy” look and feel. Good job, Dawn and a great look!

  2. says

    First of all —GREAT job! Second of all, never apologize for pic quality –had someone give me that advice a while back. The images are great! You should inquire about blogging for free products. I hear there are companies who pay bloggers to do projects and blog –plus get the products for free. I wish I knew more about it and the direction to go that route. Love the end result of this project! WTG!! ~Mish <3

  3. Rhonda says

    i love the white washed walls you did and was wanting to do the same in my den. We have 3/4″ knotty pine planks in our den and it’s way too dark (even orangey) for me. Did you have to sand the wood in your cabin before putting on the stain to get the color you wanted, the min wax can say it’s for unfinished wood. Any info you can give me would be so appreciated. Thank you.

    • says

      Hi & thank you. For an orangish undertone I would lightly sand the walls first. Then, just keep applying the white wash until you get the look you’re wanting to achieve. Maybe find a hidden area of the wall to practice on..

  4. says

    I love white-washed walls and have always wanted to give it a try. Would this work on a wooden crate, as a decoration for the holidays? I have a wooden wine crate that’s been waiting under the stairs forever and I’d love to make something nice out of it.

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